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Vacuum Stuffer
F-Line F260

Fully electronic continual vacuum stuffer for STRAIGHTFILLING, PORTIONING and LINKING with detachable linking gear ADG04 and GLOBAL DRIVE.

This machine is equipped with an additional stirrer drive.

  • filling performance max. 7.300 kg/h
  • filling pressure 45 bar
  • (inner and outer) machine housing are completely made of stainless steel.                                                     
  • filling hopper with 300 liters
  • electronically locked footstep
  • integrated vacuum system and water separator
  • vacuum pump 21 m³/hour
  • total connected load max 15,2 kW
  • 400 volts, 50 Hz
  • with accessories

FREY Touch Control TC 733

  • Industrial-PC control
  • 12" TFT colour display (800 x 600 pixels)
  • touch operation, motion control
  • self-explaining operation
  • CAN Bus for high speed communication with attachments
  • Ethernet interface
  • USB interface
  • with table of contents and indication of the product name in the program
  • portioning range 5 - 100.000 g (5 - 999 g in 0,1 g steps)
  • portioning speed max. 1120 portions/min.
  • speed and length of portioning pauses infinitely adjustable
  • counter of passage quantity, piece counter, automatic stop control
  • flow-reverse mechanism and adjustable 1st portion weight
  • error indicator
  • memory for 200 filling programs
  • incl. programs for cooked sausages
  • electr. pulse control for automatic clipping machines


The type F-LINE F260 SA is equipped with a high speed servo linker for highest linking exactness and speed.
The servo linker serves as drive for the grinding head system WK130.

The machine can be equipped with a lift and tilt installation for standard trolleys of 200 liters.

Only available attached to the machine.
(Lift 450 Art. No.: 77 500 000.10)

Name Art. No. Hopper Straightfilling Portioning
F-LINE F260 P 77 000 001.00 300 l x x  
F-LINE F260 A 77 000 000.00 300 l x x x
F-LINE F260 SA 77 000 004.00 300 l




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